Bobby Fischer versus the world

Bobby Fischer versus the world

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Bobby Fischer against the world
biography , history , sport , document
Great Britain , USA
Liz Garbus
Bobby Fischer , David Edmonds , Anthony Sadie , Susan Polgar , Henry Kissinger , David Shenk , Gudmundur Thorarinsson , Mikhail Tal , Tigran Petrosyan , Russell Targ
May 1, 2011 in the world
July 5, 2012 in Russia
September 24, 2012
The first full-length attempt to learn about the life of Bobby Fischer, a man called by many the most brilliant chess player of all time. By participating in his first tournament at the age of ten, Fischer has moved further and further away from the world around him over the years, devoting all his attention to his favorite pastime. Fischer has won all the competitions he has participated in and has been the "most" all along - the youngest US champion, the youngest international grandmaster. In 1972, Fischer became an icon of the Cold War, defeating the "invincible" Soviet chess player Boris Spassky. In his last match - in 1992 - Fischer also defeated Spassky and disappeared without a trace, turning into a hermit. The brilliant chess player has always been distinguished by eccentric behavior, but over the years his fate has more and more resembled the life path of the great mathematician John Nash, who also failed to stay on the thin line separating genius from madness. When Fischer re-emerged on the world stage in 2001, he appeared to the world as a madman and paranoid, convincingly speaking of a plot against him by the CIA and the US Department of State ...

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