Farewell to Paris

Farewell to Paris

6,0 6,0 5,7
Adieu Paris
Luxembourg , France , Germany
Franciszek Buch
Jessica Schwartz , Sandrine Bonner , Hans Werner Mayer , Gérard Junho , Jean-Yves Berthelot , Ina Weisse , Thure Lindhardt , André Jung , Grushenka Stevens , Nicole Max
June 20, 2013 in the world
September 19, 2013 in Russia
The airport is a place where destinies meet. Banker Frank and producer Patricia meet too often at a Paris airport to be a mere coincidence. His career is at stake - the bank fraud has touched him personally, she is trying to come to terms with the tragedy - her lover is in a coma after a serious accident and is unlikely to return to normal life. Meanwhile, each of them has their own "strange kids". For Patricia, she is the wife of a lover with whom they share grief, and for Frank, surprisingly, a familiar butcher.

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