Summer trip

Summer trip

7,1 7,2 7,1
summer stocks
musical , melodrama
Charles Walters
Judy Garland , Gene Kelly , Eddie Bracken , Gloria DeHaven , Marjorie Main , Phil Silvers , Ray Collins , Nita Bieber , Carlton Carpenter , Hans Conried
August 31, 1950 in the world
Jane Falbury is a young farm owner in New England. Her farm is in ruins because the third year was a crop failure. She and her governess Artie are struggling to make ends meet, and the last two employees have decided to leave her to work. Despite such difficulties, Jane does not get discouraged, she goes to town, borrows seeds, fertilizers and a tractor, and decides to sow and harvest herself. On her way back to the ranch, the girl meets a whole crowd of young people unloading theater props from a truck, turning her good old barn into a rehearsal base for a future Broadway show. It turns out that her little sister Abigail has invited her boyfriend Joe dePoc and his fellow actors to her ranch to save money over the course of rehearsals, and Abigail is about to promise a lead role on the show. Jane initially took a negative view of her sister's idea, but after reflection, she set her own terms - in exchange for renting a barn, the guys should work on her farm, until the play will finally be staged ...

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