thunder of the heart

thunder of the heart

6,8 7,0 6,8
detective , jail , thriller
Michał Apted
Val Kilmer , Sam Shepard , Graham Greene , Fred Ward , Fred Dalton Thompson , Sheila Towsee , Ted Tin Elk , John Trudell , Julius Drum , Sarah Brave
April 3, 1992 in the world
FBI agent Ray, who has Indian blood in his veins, is sent to a reservation to investigate the murder of a suspect in his rights fighter. There he meets the local sheriff and the leader of the tribe. As Ray gets closer to his target, he becomes less sure of the suspect's guilt. Eventually, the agent realizes that the US government is trying to eliminate the objectionable person with his own hands. And at that moment an Indian wakes up in him, whose heart does not tolerate injustice and lies.

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