Real guys

Real guys

4,6 4,5 4,7
Standing guy
Mike Young
Danny A. Abekeyser , Annie Hayes , Nick Sorbero , Luke Robertson , Jay R. Ferguson , Moran Atias , Ethan Suplee , Elizabeth Alton , Ray Iannicelli , Ben Lyons
February 9, 2016 in the world
Sammy Lagucci is a petty gangster who is forced to hide from his accomplices using a witness protection program. After moving to New York, she makes new friends and begins to settle down. Somehow, boldly, she goes out on stage and easily wins a stand-up number. His performance is well received by the audience and he feels he has a talent for it. So Sammy starts working as a comedian and quickly becomes a local celebrity. Of course, such fame attracts the attention of his former crime scene colleagues to him.

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