6,9 7,0 6,9
I am the boss
jail , thriller , share
Fernando Di Leo
Henry Silva , Richard Conte , Gianni Garko , Antonia Santilli , Corrado Gaipa , Marino Maze , Howard Ross , Claudio Nicastro , Gianni Musi , Mario Pisu
February 1, 1973 in the world
Nick Lanceta works for Don Daniello, and he in turn reports to the leader of the Sicilian mafia, Don Corrasco. One day, the daughter of Don Daniello is kidnapped by mafiosi from the Calabrian clan. This is their revenge for the murdered family members. Nick has to save her, but Don Daniello still wants to conspire out of Calabria and buy her daughter out. Lancet kills his boss and gradually takes his place, but does not know yet that Don Corrasco has already made an alliance with the police, politicians and Calabria, and the price of such an alliance is the death of Lanceta ...

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