Intimidating the innocent

Intimidating the innocent

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The Visitation of the Innocent
thriller , horror
Mateusz Hisch
, ,
Judd Nelson , Jessica Morris , Ribe Hills , Autumn Federici , Maria Bonner , Neil Dixon , Tina Hillsrom , Ian Ford , Hanna Cawley , Chase O'Donnell
February 1, 2014 in the world
Tom and Brenda are enjoying life: good job, home in a prestigious neighborhood. The idyll collapses when Brenda falls victim to the rapist. After that, the unfortunate woman begins to become depressed and moves away from her husband. To save the family, they decide to move from the city to a small village, closer to nature. Of course, they could not even know that a curse imposed by an evil witch had been pressing this village for many centuries ...

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