4,3 4,3 4,4
drama , thriller , jail
Georgy Shengelia
Evgeny Stychkin , Ilya Shakunov , Andrey Tashkov, Vladimir Niskov , Yuri Osipov , Vladislav Abashin , Valentina Ananyina , Alexander Vasilevsky , Rostislav Bershauer , Ekaterina Guseva
December 14, 2006 in the world
November 23, 2006 in Russia
June 4, 2009
He lives in a huge metropolis and works in a solid financial company. He has a beautiful wife, a prestigious car, a luxury penthouse. And it does not matter that the wife is the boss, and the job is not fun for a long time. He's just used to it. He secretly builds a house by a river in a remote village to take his wife there someday and remember the times when there was something more important in their lives than money: sunrises, friends, canoes, fresh milk ... He still doesn't know that the rules are set, the roles are painted, mistakes are excluded ... One day he comes home too early. Wait a minute - and life changes dramatically. Betrayal of his wife - and nothing to lose. He puts a pendrive in his pocket with information worth 320 million dollars, on which the peace and life of Great People depend. He goes to the house by the river. There will be kayaks, cordial conversation and a best friend. But it won't take long ...

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